I take a humanistic approach to working with clients. Through listening deeply, I enter their experience and perceptions, leaving out my own thoughts, feelings, and interpretations so I can better understand their reality; how life is for them.

I take a stand in support of them — being there for them through non-judgmental empathy, compassion, and understanding. I am present and bring all of my knowledge and experience in helping them gain awareness and undergo profound shifts in the way they think, feel, act and find meaning in their relationships and life.

I am collaborative, experiential and directive. I do not analyze, chitchat, or take notes. I provide answers to difficult questions and serve as a guide through the process of healing, and helping to uncover who people really are. They part with clarity, tools, and new perspectives to lead empowered, fulfilled and authentic lives. Ultimately, they finally get their value and worth and know that they are here - because they belong here. 

You can learn more about my perspectives on counseling by reading my blog post, "Beyond Talk Therapy.