Clients Speak




"Every situation, no matter how tragic, has a silver lining - and Isabell is that for me. She's someone who will give it to you straight, no matter how tough the words are to hear. Isabell sees me. And she sees others. And she sees herself in her clients and offers her humanity and personal experience and failures in her sessions. She isn't a therapist that's unapproachable or cold. Someone that jots down notes and makes vague suggestions. She digs in, leans in and shares space with the person in front of her that's baring their soul. She's not afraid of being vulnerable, real and present. And to me, that's why she is so special and so effective. That's why she is a treasure. I'm a better person for knowing her and learning from her. For the first time, perhaps in my entire life, I like who I am and what I have to offer the world."

– Female client, 33


"As someone who has spoken with counselors before with no real results, I was ready to really dig into the heart of the problem and resolve it. That’s just how Isabell operates. I felt illuminated and empowered by the insight she shares and the manner in which she comprehensively illustrates the origin of issues and the key to their resolution. Isabell is what I call “the real deal.”  She doesn’t waste time, but prefers that we “roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.” Sessions with her were always enlightening and provided me with the tools that enabled me to incorporate healing processes into the way I think about and perceive things. This has translated into enjoying success at work, becoming a more relaxed, content person and experiencing my relationships on a deeper level. The overall quality of my life has greatly improved and I enjoy more self-love than I have ever experienced before, enhancing my capacity to love others. I am forever grateful to Isabell for communicating honestly and clearly and for facilitating the healing process on my personal journey."

– Female client, 35


"When I walked into Isabell’s office, I had no idea how my life would turn around. At the time, I had found my marriage was ending and was completely stagnated in my career. I felt like each day was something to get through. Since working with Isabell, I’ve learned to treat myself with kindness and respect and to extend that kindness and respect in all directions. Through it all, Isabell’s insight, energy, and enthusiasm have been invaluable, and her practical, patient approach to care was like a fresh breath to me. With Isabell’s help, I am realizing anew my true self and the world is a brighter, bolder more beautiful place because of it. I can’t thank her enough."

– Male client, 40


" I am grateful  for the work I did together with Isabell. Mostly, I appreciated that she supported me in the process of discovering things for myself.  I originally came in to talk about my broken marriage, but ended up unwinding different kinds of relationships with my family/relatives.  I also participated in a powerful exercise that was transformational. Isabell would invite me to “step into the shoes of another” with someone that I was in conflict with.  This was a safe way of having a conversation with someone that was unresolved for decades. My immediate reaction was to decline, but I trusted her and she was there with me coaching me through this difficult past experience every step of the way. After the exercise, I was excited about what I discovered! It helped me to understand the other person’s perspective and to feel compassion for what their experience may have been. These sessions brought enormous clarity to my life and helped me to understand my needs better.  I now feel confident in dealing with conflicts, whether it be with my family or my intimate relationships. This work with Isabell empowered me to finally speak up for myself and to stand behind my life choices. This is huge and I now feel in alignment with myself."

– Female client, 55

"I met Isabell when I was truly adrift, overwhelmed in pain with my marriage nearly lost. I had no expectation; I was someone that "didn't need therapy." My only hope was that she could ease my suffering and help me find a direction. The first 90-minutes I spent with her saved my life. She helped me through the acute pain and opened my heart. My personal relationships are now experiencing powerful renewal and growth. My professional relationships have been transformed as well. It seems everyone was waiting for me. I can never thank Isabell enough for what she has done for my life. I encourage anyone who "doesn't need therapy" to sit and be present with her. It will change your life."

– Male client, 35


"With Isabell’s help, I experienced profound healing and growth beyond my wildest imagination. In every session, I received absolute presence and compassion—no note taking, no distractions, no judgment, pure being in the Now. I sought out her help when I was going through an awfully painful breakup after a 10-year relationship (the second one, by the way). What would have taken traditional therapists several years, Isabell helped me dissolve in just 10 weeks. We discovered and lovingly released my childhood survival strategies that were no longer useful to me as an adult. What an amazingly liberating experience. I came out of this counseling as a strong, independent woman bursting with a love for life.  Now—a year later—whenever I tend to fall back into old strategies, I see this diagram of repeated patterns in front of me and choose to feel, think, and act differently. My heart, which most of my life felt trapped behind a brick wall, has grown so big that the whole world has a warm and fuzzy place in it. I am forever grateful for Isabell’s unconditional love and support."

– Female client, 43


"When I sought out therapy I was looking for someone who could help me be the person that I know I was longing to be. When I met Isabell I was so depressed and felt so victimized by people. In the brief time in counseling, Isabell taught me to that EVERYONE has similar problems and it’s not just me.  I love that I now get that things aren’t “personal” and I now I feel emotionally free. Things just are. I don’t suck:) We all have our struggles and I also have learned that I am VALUABLE! I now know that I am to be treated that way as well. Ah, clarity. She helped me develop the backbone that I always knew I had but felt unable to tap into.  Isabell is so accepting and supportive in every way. As a new Transgender person, she encouraged me to own who I really am and that I don’t need others approval or acceptance to be me. I’m not a victim. With her help, my Transgender Transition allowed me to “come out” at work and with family and feel confident and self assured and valuable. I am a much happier, healthier and confident person and I can’t thank her enough."

– Male client, 34


"Isabell is truly one of a kind. I discovered her when I was going through a tough break -up and she has guided me every step of the way. Each time I stepped out of her office, I feel like a new person. She goes above and beyond what an ordinary therapist would do. I have found a genuine connection with her, and the way she connects with you during hardships is truly indescribable. She has helped me discover my true self and helped me make peace with all the “skeletons in my closet”. Isabell never fails to make herself available during the toughest of times. She is an emotional healer and has such a genuine invested interest in the well being of her clients.  I say with a heavy heart, I truly believe fate led me to Isabell."

– Female client, 24


"I called Isabell after hearing great things about her work. I was optimistic after the initial phone call as I felt a natural connection with her. Her authentic communication style and way with words is powerful. With each session, I would experience different emotions; sometimes, I would leave with tears and a new realization; sometimes laughing all my way to my car, but with each exit from that comfortable room, I felt stronger and more ready to take charge of my life and be extraordinary. The experience has been immeasurable."

– Female client, 28


"I appreciate Isabell's ability to create an environment where authentic conversation can happen. She is a teacher as well as a counselor, helping you to learn the relationship and life skills we are seldom taught by others and almost never learn on our own."

– Male client, 28


"Counseling with Isabell turned out to be one of the very best investments in myself, ever. I was able to let go of the negative residue of past relationships and painful events and then, to my surprise and elation, we shifted focus and I moved into discovering my "power”. This was a turning point, from self-limiting beliefs to being awesome. I learned new distinctions about the use of communication and the power of language. This was empowering and helped my interpersonal relationships. Today I have become a true and consistent friend to myself. I am no longer striving to 'one day' feel good enough about myself and my life, rather, I choose to be awesome right now. I have such a big smile on my face just writing this, really. No words could ever express my gratitude for you."

– Male client, 56


"Isabell has a unique and efficient approach to therapy. Her style is very engaging and interactive and she was able to help me with any "problem" that I presented. I never walked out of a session without a "solution" or the "answer" to what may have seemed like an insurmountable problem. Working with Isabell is unlike any other therapeutic experience I have ever had. Her no-nonsense, straight forward approach is more of an opportunity to do the personal growth work that creates lasting change. Today, I have become a clearer, stronger, more confident person with a healthy outlook on life. In addition, she is the ultimate expert on love relationships. She has mastered the science and psychology of it, and is by far the most educated person I have experienced when it comes to love. The reviews about her programs on Facebook say it all."

– Female client, 35


"After years of self-improvement courses and hundreds of dollars spent on books, it was one brief moment with Isabell that changed EVERYTHING. She opened a door that I had closed for 30 years. Aspects of my life were revisited and put into a different and new perspective... it changed my future and allowed me to find some of the freedom and happiness I had been missing, but searching for, for years. Her keen insights and ability to facilitate personal work, aka "unfinished business," puts her in a position to change lives, and she refuses to let anything stop her from doing so. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of what will most likely be your life changing moment as well."

– Male client, 34


"I had been in therapy a couple of times before. It helped but no breakthrough. A year ago I was in a dark place and had almost given up on therapy and myself. From the first session, Isabell gave me love, compassion, a sense of self-worth, calm and hope. Today I am almost like a new person, but also more the person I always was. She helped me save my relationship, my career, my life. She was so proactive from the first session, not just giving me the usual therapist empathy and listening board, but really getting to the root of my issues, working on them one by one and healing me (or letting me heal myself). I owe her my relationship with my spouse, my father, and myself. Thanks Isabell. I love you!"

– Female client, 40

"I met Isabell during the demise of my marriage. I came to her completely broken. I would say over my time with Isabell she put me back together, but she did more than that. Isabell helped rebuild me into the person I always wanted to be. Through her no-nonsense and thoughtful approach she help me re-define my worth, gain self-esteem and self-love, and forgive myself for how poorly I had treated myself over the years. Through this process I have emerged from her care more self-aware and confident than I ever knew I could be.  I am now very clear about the love I want and deserve, who I am as a person and I believe my future is very bright. All things I didn't know and couldn't name just a few short months ago. Isabell has given me the greatest gift - the best version of myself - and I will be forever grateful."

– Female client, 33


"Isabell is so talented as a couples therapist that it seems as if she has a crystal ball. From the moment my partner and I sat down with her I knew we were in the hands of a smart, compassionate therapist, like no other therapist I had experienced over the six decades of my life. She was able to figure us both out in the first session and laid out a plan for us to learn, grow and understand each other and ourselves in ways I didn’t even know existed. If you are looking for a therapist who can help you transcend your past behaviors as both a couple and individually, then Isabell is absolutely the one. She does it with dynamism, humor, understanding and innate perception. Treat yourself to Isabell and you will have a newfound sense of peace, joy and understanding that will lead you and your partner wherever you want to go."

– Female client, 60


"Isabell has cleared a path for profound change in my life. Working with her is unlike anything I've ever heard of, and exactly what I needed. There is no one like her. She is incredible beyond measure and I can't thank her enough."

– Female client, 44


"Not a single day goes by that I don't think or talk about you. I cannot thank you enough for what you have brought to my life. There is no comparison between the person I was when I came to see you and who I am now. I thought about you the other day when my eight year old got into trouble at school. I remembered how you shared the way you would approach this same situation with your child, and this recollection allowed me to do handle things differently. With my new awareness, I was able to see my child’s point of view and understand what his emotional need was, that caused him to behave the way he did. Instead of reacting my old punishing way, we had such a great talk and I left feeling a profound connection with him. Reflecting on this situation, I no longer see these incidents as “problems” for concern, I now see a sweet little child trying to assimilate in society and learning to abide by its rules. I am so thankful to you for helping me come to this realization, along with so many others. You have changed my life in numerous ways and I am forever grateful."

– Female client, 48


"My significant other and I went to Isabell for counseling. She was so very helpful to us. Isabell is a real game changer. She knows how to engage with her clients in a wonderful way. She is so intuitive, so smart and she is so direct. I have been to a lot of different family counselors/mental health in my 65 years.  I saw my first therapist when I was in high school. Isabell connected with me and my partner in a way that no other therapist has ever connected with me. She is so very gifted. She is so amazing. She goes right to the heart of the matter. I have never met anyone with her counseling/mental health/marriage therapy skills. I am also really inspired by her self-improvement company, LovEd and her vision for changing the way people love themselves and others. She is my hero."

– Male client, 65


"They say, when one door closes another opens. When my marriage ended three years ago, it felt like my life exploded. There were dark moments where I thought about quitting; checking out. For the first time in my life I couldn't see  or find myself. I so desperately wanted to get back to some semblance of the girl I used to be; someone I could recognize. What I didn't realize at the time was there was no going back to my 'old self'. My only choice was creating a 'new Self'.  I cavalierly say now that Isabell brought me back to life, but that's not the whole truth. What she did through our therapy sessions was so much bigger. She didn't just open a door for me; she showed me a door I didn't know existed. By walking through it, I saw there's a different way of being. Through the pain and heartbreak of my divorce I was given a gift. Yes, I had a ton of personal growth work to do in terms of identifying the components of my relationship, 'owning' my part in it and what that really meant, and finally getting real about the victim role I had played all my life - she helped me with all of that too. Isabell taught me the difference between admission and ownership, that there didn't have to be guilt and devaluation with my decisions. She gave me the gift of 'unchoosing'; I could simply unchoose my husband and decide what I would make that mean. She gave me a new language to use when speaking with the people I loved in my life. In short, Isabell blew my mind. The way I view myself and experience the world now, is forever changed because of her. "

– Female client, 33